The Sugar Hunting Party Poo-pers - The Play

ISBN: 9780994432513

For *ages: mixed

*Guide only

They're the lean, mean, big, bad guys who love to party ... IN YOUR MOUTH!

NIBBLER, LICKER, PIDDLER, BURPER and NORBERT GNAWER are sugar hunting bacteria. They sneak into houses at night searching for leftover food between people's teeth.

But what happens when they choose the wrong house? Will they go hungry or will they find a solution to their problem?

In her humorous play, Angelina MV Carriera helps children understand the importance of teeth cleaning in a creative and entertaining way. Her sugar hunting party poo-pers and their disgusting habits will appeal to the child in all of us.

Number of pages: 21

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“....The conversion of the story to an interactive play will be a sure source of lots of laughter and giggles for the whole family. ”

— Sandy Zhang

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