The Sugar Hunting
Party Poo-pers

ISBN: 9780994432506

For *ages 6+

*Guide only

They're the lean, mean, big, bad guys who love to party ... IN YOUR MOUTH!

NIBBLER, LICKER, PIDDLER, BURPER and NORBERT GNAWER are sugar hunting bacteria. They sneak into houses at night searching for leftover food between people's teeth.

But what happens when they choose the wrong house? Will they go hungry or will they find a solution to their problem?

Follow the adventures of the sugar hunting party poo-pers when they visit a family who clean their teeth every night. Cringe at their disgusting habits and ask yourself one question ...

Have you cleaned YOUR teeth tonight?

Number of pages: 20

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An original, creative and delightful story to teach kids about the importance of brushing their teeth. It engages them from start to finish with imaginative illustrations and plenty of humour.... If there ever was a way to make kids brush their teeth of their own accord, then this is it!
— Sandy Zhang, Brisbane

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