The Only Planet 

ISBN: 9780994459138

For *ages 11+
*Guide only

Pollution, deforestation, urban sprawl, commerce, capitalism and greed are all taking their toll on our fragile world. 

But what would Planet Earth say to the human race if it could communicate?
Enter – The Only Planet  –  in this special edition, you will hear from none other than Planet Earth! 

It’s the scoop of the century with important environmental
messages told from Earth’s point of view through lots of fun activities like a story, cartoons, jokes, crossword puzzle, a word search and more.

It’s time to get serious about saving our planet – reduce, recycle, re-use, compost, go solar, go wind, go geothermal energies.

Number of pages: 28

...all like to save the planet, perhaps through some massive superhuman effort that sweeps away all the Earth’s niggles and ailments. Well, the closest thing to superheroes we have are kids, so why not give them the chance to do just that?
The Only Planet is a thought provoking call to arms that will inspire kids to become not just the next generation of the planet’s guardians but its best friends – all strictly clean fun. As we all know best friends are at their best when they lend an ear. So even if you’re not great at listening to Mum and Dad or your teachers – or even that most curious of species, politicians – take heed of Mother Earth and she will continue to shower her gifts on you and preserve her beauty and bounty for generations to come... Go green, be clean and have fun!
— Eddie Albrecht, Perth, Editor
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