Mr and Mrs Bloodsucker's Travel Adventure


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What has six short, stumpy legs and moves in uninvited to feed and breed? A head louse! They're the bloodsucking parasites that live on human heads and they're not choosy about their hosts.

In Mr and Mrs Bloodsucker's Travel Adventure, learn some interesting facts about these unwanted guests, then see what life is like from a louse's point of view.

Meet Mr and Mrs Bloodsucker. Mrs Licey Bloodsucker doesn't want to waste a minute of her 35-day life cycle. Her instincts tell her to lay as many eggs as she can, so there are plenty of nits to carry on the bloodsucker name. But she yearns to travel to exciting places.

Follow the adventures of this unusual couple as they hop from head to head, seeking excitement, meeting new friends and making the most of every day.

Number of pages: 56

Size of file: approx. 5.3 MB

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Mr & Mrs B is one of my favourites ... I love that kids can learn some interesting facts about head lice and then read a creative story about the adorable couple and their ... And i love that kids can engage with the content when they draw their own cartoons in the blank cartoon strips at the end of the chapters... This one is full of ‘light bulb on’ moments...
— Angelina Carriera, author
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